from pasture to nursery

The last couple weeks have been keeping with the theme of the summer and passed by at what felt like record speed. Earlier this week the calving season began with the birth of several little ones. The field behind the house has now become the nursery and when you stand at the kitchen window you can sometimes see a small tuft of brown fur and two little ears sticking up out of the grass in the distance.

Camera in hand, I decided to slide on my boots and walk out to the field to snap some photos. I’m always a bit hesitant to go marching up to the calves when their protective mothers (some armed with their large horns) are standing just a few meters away. Jean-Yves reassured me that the mothers would probably come up to keep an eye on me but that otherwise I needn’t worry.

I find that visiting the calves are best when they are just a few hours or a day old. They are calm, seemingly half-asleep or asleep for much of the day. You can approach them slowly and crouch beside them in order to give a few scratches behind the ears or to pet their extraordinarily soft little forms. However, within a day or two they have grown accustomed to life outside the womb and will run around excitedly, their back legs flinging in all directions, whenever you come within petting distance.

Momma is keeping an eye on things
Momma is keeping an eye on things

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