Today is the first of September and marks the end of the tourism season here in Brittany. School starts back up today for most people so the vacation homes have begun to empty out and there are no longer multitudes of campers making their way to the coast.

Last Friday was the last day of the larger market at Fouesnant before it returns to its smaller winter-market size. Most of our customers are local folks who come consistently every week so normally our numbers shouldn’t decrease too much once all the out-of-towners have left. Of course there will be fewer products once the tomato plants tire out and the cucumbers call it quits, but our usual customers will still come to see us for the squash, potatoes, and leeks throughout the winter.

Last Thursday Fañch and I went to Brest for my visa renewal visit. It went surprisingly smoothly for this sort of thing and we were done within 20 minutes. It was the first time Fañch had tagged along for one of  these bureaucratic immigration/visa/residency permit types of appointments. He admitted afterwards that despite knowing we had all the necessary documents and the women helping us were kind, he was still on edge throughout the entire meeting. My new life here has become so normal now that we often forget my presence here is dependent on my yearly visa.

I am techinally enrolled for school again this fall in the same program I did last year but I feel no particular pull or desire to sit through the same classes again. We have been discussing cheese-making more and more and I feel that my interests and motivations have completely shifted in that direction. There are already plans and ideas for putting together a lab at the farm where I could work. I’ve decided the first thing I am going to attempt to make is American-style cottage cheese, and then I will go from there!

Camille had mentioned to some customers that there may be cheese and butter in the future of Enez Raden and apparently people were very excited about it, already promising to buy whatever we make. As the summer winds down Fañch said we can go buy materials so I can get this show on the road!

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