and so it begins

Last week Fañch trekked to the other side of the region to surprise me with material for making cheese and butter. I got a call around 9pm saying not to worry but that he would either behome late that night or the next morning. Of course I was confused as the last I had heard he was simply spending the day spreading manure in the fields. As it turns out, he was already 3 hours away and by the time he finished picking everything up he might be too tired to drive home. In that case he would sleep a few hours in his car before returning the next morning.

Well by 11pm he messaged to let me know he was going to go with the second option and sleep in his car before continuing with the long drive home. What I didn’t know was that he was actually stranded at a gas station having filled his car with gas instead of diesel. Not wanting me to worry about his current state of “stranded-in-the-middle-of-nowhere” he simply told me he was going to wait until he was well rested to return. Eventually he was able to borrow a tool from a passing family in their camper and proceeded to empty the tank. However this turned out to be quite a long process, punctuated by a visit from the gendarmerie who had been called to check out this strange man seen siphoning gas out of a car in the middle of the night. So, after this mishap and earlier road construction, missed exits, and detours, Fañch climbed as quietly as he could into bed at 4:30am. As usual, his alarm went off at 7am and he was with the cows by 8.

Pictured below are the two main machines he brought home with him that night (plus a stainless steel table that just barely fit in his car).

This is the machine that will make cream.
Afterwards the cream will go in here where it will transform into butter.

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