Playing Lumberjack

Well I may not have been wielding an ax while accompanied by a tractor-sized blue ox but the last couple weeks I have been playing my version of lumberjack at the farm. During the second week of vacation I was eager spend some time beginning preparations at the farm for its wedding transformation.

I started by clearing out a miniature bamboo forest that was blocking passage between several of the buildings where the festivities will be taking place. Cut down one by one it took an entire afternoon to be able to see from building to the next. The following day Fañch pulled one of the tractors around and I loaded the bamboo up so that he could bring it to the giant bonfire pile. Once that was finished I worked on trimming back other plants, clearing woodpiles, and raking clippings.

The rest of the week was spent liberating a beautiful oak tree from another overgrown tree that was hogging all of the earth, air, and sunlight in that corner of the yard. It took some coaxing from Jean-Yves to get the brush pile bonfire started but once it did the mass of branches and leaves that once crowded the lawn was reduced to a smoldering pile of ash. Fañch used the chainsaw to cut down some of the larger branches and trees that my giant pair of gardening scissors were helpless against. The work is not done yet but it felt great to make a start on it all. Early last week while I was explaining addition in English to 2nd graders Jean-Yves continued the work in the yard, clearing out the area around a couple fruit trees. When I arrived at the farm afterwards he had prepared more piles for a bonfire which I eventually succeeded in burning despite the days of drizzling rain and soggy branches.

Once I make more headway on the work I will be sure to post some before and after pictures!