Our Home and The Earth

Since moving into our little mobile home I have become even more aware of our daily impact on the earth and its resources. Every day I am confronted head on by what goes in and what goes out of our humble abode. From the start we made a few choices that would help to limit our impact on the environment around us and we hope to do even more to leave the smallest footprint possible.

Instead of using the normal toilet that was already in place we decided to remove it and put in a composting toilet. This was done for several reasons but our principle motivating factors were to facilitate the move without having to worry about setting up where the waste would go and to limit our water usage. In France most rooms have a separate water closet for the toilet so it was easy for Fañch to remove the original one and replace with our composting toilet.

Some people may be skeptical about this contraption but I can assure you that it makes for an excellent environmentally and economically-friendly addition to the house. With a compost toilet you never have to worry about plumbing issues or clogged toilets. We also use it to dispose of all our vegetable and food scraps, reducing the waste that heads to trash cans and landfills.

No, the smell does not appear to be any worse than a regular bathroom. Any odors are limited by the addition of sawdust that is sprinkled in the toilet after use. Every few days the bucket is removed and dumped into a larger composting area which is also used for clippings from the lawn.

When Fañch hooked up the water to our home he also installed the pipes that would evacuate the water from the two sinks and the shower. The pipes carry the water outside and lead to a hole he dug. He will eventually fill the hole with rocks to help with the filtration of the water back into the ground but for now there is just a large hole.

This has proven to be quite fascinating for me but also eye-opening. Every time we wash the dishes or one of us takes a shower we can clearly see the quantity of water that was used. It has encouraged me to make a few changes such as turning off the water in the shower whenever it is not being used to rinse off. I also try to avoid turning on the faucet every time I want to rinse a dish, instead using the water that is already in the sink.

For now the adjustments are a good start and we hope to continue outfitting our home to keep its impact minimal.

3 thoughts on “Our Home and The Earth

  1. I have just been catching up on your blog. What hard workers you guys are. Your wedding is almost here! Is the old barn ready for your reception? I am anxious to see some pictures after the big day. God bless! Love, Auntie Carolyn


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