Spring at Fern Island Farm

For the last several weeks I have been steadily increasing the time I spend working on the farm. Now that we live on site it is much easier for me to be involved in the daily goings-on.

Three days a week I milk the cows with Jean-Yves and every other weekend it is Fañch, Julien, and I that do the milking while Annie and Jean-Yves have the weekend off. It has become one of my favorite parts of the week. I find that waking up right away in the morning and getting to work boosts my motivation. We are typically done milking by 9:30am so I still have the entire day ahead of me to work on any number of projects. Sure, there is the slight downside of occasionally being splatted with cow poo, but I enjoy the rest of the work so much that it more than makes up for the messy side of the job.


All this has been made all the more enjoyable due to the fact that the rain has stopped. This weekend we had plenty of sun and it is projected to stay that way for another week or two. Roads that have been covered in mud since November have finally begun to dry out and foot-deep tractor ruts that were filled with rainwater all winter have transformed into cracked earth. For the first time in months Fañch returned home last night covered in dust instead of soaked through from rain.

The calving season has also started which is one of my favorite times of year at the farm. Because our mobile home is situated two fields away we have to walk through these to get to the farm everyday. The second of these two fields is where the cows who will be calving our currently staying so my commute to work now consists of checking to see if there are any new fur babies stumbling around on unsteady legs or hiding in a patch of particularly tall grass.

During the recent sunny days Fañch has been hurrying to get all the new pastures seeded. This entails mixing eight different kinds of grass and alfalfa seeds in a cement mixer. I have really enjoyed helping with this part, it is a little bit like baking though instead of a cake as the end product it is an entire field of robust green cow chow.

Besides the usual farm work typical for this season there is the additional work which comes with preparing for a wedding. Our wedding will be at the farm so for the next four months we all have various projects to work on in order to get the place ready. I am very excited to have friends and family visiting and to finally share my life here with my loved ones on the other side of the Atlantic!

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