Rebellious Calf

Yesterday afternoon Fañch and I headed to the farm to get some more work done on wedding preparations. Along the way we stopped to check on one of the cows who had recently calved because her little one had wondered off and the mama’s anxious moos had gone on all morning. We searched all over that section of the farm and finally found the little guy hidden behind a wood pile all tangled up in the brambles.

Fañch climbed behind with him and managed to help the calf wiggle his way out. Having regained his freedom he ran back to the barn where his mom was, got one look at her angry mooing, then turn and ran in the other direction down the old country lane that  is now mostly covered in overgrown trees and fallen leaves.

We tried to get him to join his mama again in the barn but each time that he would come back up the road he would get a glimpse at his mom and take off running back in the other direction. Later that afternoon we saw him asleep in the shade along the forgotten road. Though now he is finally back alongside his mom. Sometimes a calf will drink a bunch of milk and then trot off to find a warm hidden spot to lay down and sleep all day while he digests.

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