Behind The (Tractor) Wheel

So a couple weeks ago I did my first real tractor work. Annie came running into the field in disbelief and filmed a little bit. I was pretty excited to do some tractor work, even if it was pretty simple and in a small field! Here is a link to the video, the password for viewing it is “tractor”.


Ashley On A Tractor

Cows At The Kitchen Table

As some of you may or may not have realized our tiny abode is actually sitting right on the edge of one of the pastures here at the farm. This means that for a few days or weeks out of the year we have some four-legged mooing neighbors that take up residence literally right outside our back windows. For the last two weeks we have been enjoying the presence of these ceaselessly entertaining neighbors.

For the first few days the main herd was staying in the field. When they arrived in the field there were several who literally jumped for joy at seeing the luscious green grass that awaited them. Several in the group immediately came to investigate the mobile home and were startled when I opened the window to say hello. Sometimes I would turn around and there would be one (or sometimes many) standing at the window staring my way. I absolutely loved it and was constantly amused by their curiosity.

Once the herd left we once again received new neighbors. A handful of expecting mama cows came to pasture and soon enough their newborn calves were running all over the place. Due to the fact they are so small, the calves can pass right below the electric wire that keeps the cows in the field. So sometimes a calf would come right up to the mobile home. One of them seemed to get great joy from actually running in circles around the house, gathering speed as he whooshed past the front door. Here all pictures I was able to take without even leaving the comfort of my home!