Wedding Preparations

In addition to the typical wedding preparations such as choosing an invitation design, deciding on and creating decorations, and figuring out who in the world we could place next to that one uncle in the dinner seating arrangements, we have had some few extra projects to tackle.

The dinner at our wedding and the dancing that follows will take place in an old barn. However for many decades this building has been used mostly for storing the winter wood stockpile, keeping various machinery out of the relentless Breton rain, and chicken feed storage. For the last several weeks we have been steadily chipping away at the work. Together we are moving toward our goal of emptying everything out, putting a wooden floor in place, cleaning from top to bottom, constructing large wooden barn doors, and putting up the final touches such as garlands and strings of lights.

One of my personal projects has been to use a hammer and chisel to remove the plaster that used to cover the 100+ year old stone wall of the cider cellar. Regrettably, I forgot to take a “before” picture and only have these two to share as I near the end of the workload.



Besides the wedding-themed work things have been humming along here as usual. There is no shortage of things to be done and everyone flies from one area of the farm to the next, in sync with the bees who have now emerged and go from rose blooms to raspberry bushes to apple tree blossoms. My favorite work remains all that brings me in contact with the cows. Whether that be the morning milking alongside Jean-Yves, walking a kilometer in the morning mist to herd the cows, or going to check on the calves and heifers in their new summer lodgings.

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