Catching Up

A list of things that have happened during the last four months (or my attempt to justify why the blog has remained silent for far too long):

– wedding preparations

– a trip back to the states

– wedding preparations

– welcoming friends and families from the States to our corner of France

– wedding preparations

– a wedding

– ultrasounds

– announcing that we won’t remain just the two of us much longer, baby boy in March!

– baby preparations

– ultrasounds

– baby preparations

– belated honeymoon trip through Normandy

– baby preparations

– cheese-making, butter-making

– teaching English

– vegetable selling

– baby preparations!! so many things to think about!

– milking cows

As you can probably tell my blog-writing has unfortunately fallen by the wayside these last few months. While I have some good excuses I do regret not taking the time to write more considering all the exciting changes that have been occurring in our lives. In the coming days I will be posting more in-depth updates. I just wanted to get this out there now to say that things at Fern Island Farm are humming along, baby is doing wonderfully (mama too!) and while this winter promises to be just as hectic as the summer months I will be keeping everyone in the loop!

I’ve posted a few photos from the last few months, more to come soon!


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