It’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

But what about spit-up milk? Because after a week of high temperatures outside, a fussy baby, and what feels like constant cleaning of spit-up milk, you either want to laugh it off or cry. At the end of last week we had a heat wave and I can tell you that Lewis liked the heat about as much as his parents do, which is to say not a lot. For me, anything over 75 makes me want to spend the day in a cool lake. Add in humidity and you’ll find me in the nearest walk-in freezer…eating popsicles.

To escape the heat we spent most of the day at my in-laws’,whose stone house stays cool despite the heat outdoors. I took advantage of having internet to get a few things done while Lewis napped comfortably having finally cooled down.

I ended up researching a little bit about baby reflux and breastfeeding. Lewis’ reflux has been a heck of a thing to juggle as it causes him to throw up much of the milk he drinks. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes he has just stopped feeding to catch his breath and has hardly unlatched before it all comes pouring back up, drenching us both. Other times it’s an hour after he ate and he goes from smiling one second to spraying his latest meal all over the living room. He always looks so surprised and sad each time that despite being covered in spit-up milk I can’t help but to snuggle him and whisper reassuring words to him while internally my exasperated side sighs “not again”.

There are supposedly formulas made for babies that suffer from reflux but breastfeeding has become so important to me that I hope to find a solution that doesn’t involve weaning at three months. In the coming days I hope to meet with a few different professionals (a pediatrician and a lactation specialist) to determine what I can do differently. I know some women have to eliminate certain things from their diet while breastfeeding so maybe the doctor will suggest that. Perhaps Fern Island Farm’s future cheese maker will have to stop eating cheese…

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