Back To Work

Little by little these last couple of weeks I have been returning to work at the farm, baby in tow of course! It is definitely a work in progress as we struggle to adjust our rhythms to fit the cow-milking, vegetable-picking, farmer’s market schedules. I will not complain though because I recognize that I am fortunate to be able to live and work in a place where our son can learn and grow as he tags along at our sides.

A few times a week Lewis joins me in the milking parlor with his grandpa (Tady) and watches as we milk the cows. Though the sound of the machine usually lulls him to sleep within the first fifteen minutes, he does spend some of the time watching, eyes wide, as the lumbering animals walk into place. Sometimes I have to stop early to feed him or even do a quick feeding session right in the middle of everything, but for the most part I have been able to get back to my mornings of working alongside my father-in-law.

Vegetable picking is slightly more complicated as it requires that I bring a little pop-up tent with me and get Lewis set up somewhere shady. This typically only happens in the mornings because by the time the afternoon sun arrives it is too warm to be out with him. One time, I had forgotten the tent and he actually just fell asleep right on the ground on his blanket, shaded by the chard plants growing next to him. I feel very lucky that he has been so laid back about been hauled from one spot to the next at the farm. I have a feeling that once he starts to move things are sure to become much more complicated…

Lastly, every week I bring Lewis with me to the two markets where we sell our vegetables. I was worried about this at first; unsure if he would accept sitting in the stroller for a couple hours. So far so good! He usually gets a pretty good nap in then wakes up in time to give out plenty of smiles and “coos” to the local elderly women who come to the market. We did not go this week because I have been feeling under the weather and apparently many of these regular customers were asking Julien, my brother-in-law, where Lewis was. I think he has the beginnings of a fan club! One time a woman even said she hadn’t planned on coming to the market for vegetables but when she passed the stand and saw the chubby-cheeked baby she had to stop and say hello. She ended up leaving with a basketful of veggies!

While the transition back into working has gone more smoothly than I had imagined, it has presented a few issues. I am feeling pretty tired once again. Lewis has been waking up twice a night to eat ever since he started teething and eating smaller meals. That means that for me, waking up at 7am has not been very easy yet. I can tell we still have a ways to go until a solid rhythm is in place, he usually takes a good nap in the morning and a couple short ones in the afternoon but our days still lack consistency. I am hoping in the next few weeks our schedules fall into place a little better. Although our upcoming trip to the States will probably throw that for a loop.

It is also a very busy season for Fañch and he has been working some very long days. There are times when that starts to wear me down as taking care of Lewis, getting some work in at the farm, and keeping the house put together fills the days up quickly. I know it has been difficult for Fañch as well, who misses getting to spend more time with the little guy. He is growing so quickly and making new progress and discoveries everyday that Fañch wishes he could be there more to watch as our boy’s life unfolds. For now he looks forward to goodnight kisses and looking back on all the photos I took of Lewis during the day to stay in the loop.

Only three more weeks to go until our trip stateside. We can’t wait to see everyone and introduce Lewis to his friends and family in the Midwest. I will post more soon about our plans while we are in MN, we hope to see as many people as possible so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Selling veggies at the market, no the baby is not for sale!
With his cousin at the market.
Working hard in his tent…
With Tady selling veggies on Friday evening.
On our walk to the farm in the morning to milk cows.
Lewis thinks having cows right outside his window is pretty neat!

One thought on “Back To Work

  1. Love the pictures of Louis. Now with a child your routine will be ever changing. . . . once you get into a pattern it will change again. But do not be discouraged – we all need to grow. Keeps life interesting. We will be coming home from Oregon the week of Kelsey’s wedding may reach Mpls. by that Tuesday. Our paths may cross.
    Love, Auntie Carolyn


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