A Summer Update

I have had a bad case of writer’s block lately. Over the last few weeks I have started several different blogposts only to abandon them soon after because I did not like what I was writing. Maybe I will return to them in the coming weeks to complete some of my thoughts but in the mean time I figured it might be nice just to post a simple update on life here at the farm.

Lewis is doing well, though he has several new teeth arriving all at once which has meant our fair share of long nights. In the mornings he comes with me to milk cows and spends that time wandering the milk barn and “helping” us. Once the last cow is milked and on her way back to the pastures, Lewis gets a ride in the wheelbarrow. Fañch’s mom brings him with to get the overgrown salads that she feeds to the chickens. The leafy greens pile up around him in the wheelbarrow, he loves it! If for some reason he does not get to do that in the morning and he comes across the wheelbarrow later in the day he will insist on going in it. It is as though he worries the chickens did not get their daily veggies!

Summer can be a hectic time at the farm but we are fortunate that because there are five of us the burden does not feel as heavy. And I suppose it is not really even a burden when you enjoy the work. We currently sell vegetables at two markets, one of which is in the evening and has a great atmosphere. There is music and food and kids running around playing together in the grass. My brother-in-law arrive early to set up but as the evening progresses the rest of the family arrives. Lewis adores playing with his cousins and his grandparents beneath the shade of the trees that cover the market grounds.

A couple weekends ago we went to the Fête des Brodeuses in Pont-l’Abbé. Some of you may know that that is the festival where Fañch and I first met five years ago. It is always a lot fo fun to return to the place where our story started. Plus, this time Lewis was with us so we got to share the festivities with him. We were invited to have lunch and dinner at my first host family’s house. I am always so happy to see them and to catch up. It was surreal to be there with Lewis and to think of how much things have changed since I was staying with them during my internship in 2013.

Besides that I am looking forward to fall (yes, already). I am not a big summer person and I pretty much start counting down the days to cooler temps as soon as the flies come out and the heat takes over. Air conditioning is not very common in homes here, which would be fine, but screens on windows are not common either. Which means that in order to cool off you want to open up the house. Windows and doors stay open to let the breeze in. Unfortunately, that also invites mosquitos, flies, and yes, even a mouse or two to seek refuge as well.

I was thinking that maybe to help me get over this bout of writer’s block I would ask you all what kind of stories interest you most on here? Farm life? The expat experience? Adventures in motherhood? Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or anything. Feel free to send any you have and then maybe an upcoming post can be me responding to your questions : )

Alright, a few pictures to finish up for the evening. I hope everyone is well!

Milking cows with Tady and Nanou


At the seaside!


The market we work at on Wednesday evenings.


At the Fête des Brodeuses.


Feeding salad to the chickens.
In the wheelbarrow with the salads!


One thought on “A Summer Update

  1. I don’t think I can help you on the topics you write about because I love them all. Your pictures are great.
    To think Louis is not confined anymore in the barn – so cute. Love and prayers, (great) aunt Carolyn


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