playing house

Annie and Jean-Yves have left for the week on vacation (a few towns over) so Fañch and I are staying at the farm while they are gone. It feels great to be staying in the house and it makes me excited for the day when we will call it our own.

The weather has certainly taken a shift towards autumn. Now when we head outside in the morning there is an additional layer or two beneath the rain coat. Because yes, the rain is back as well. Though I am certainly not complaining, hearing it fall from the palm fronds in front of the house or dripping into the rain barrel are two of the most pleasing sounds at the farm.

While his parents are out of town I will be helping with the milking some more. The other day Fañch and I milked the cows and at the end we both remarked how much we enjoy doing that together. By now we have found a good rhythm and the hour passes quickly as we work together like a well-oiled machine.

Hopefully sometime next week we will go and pick up some of the supplies for cheese-making. I am eager to get started and see what I am capable of producing. Plus Fañch is excited to be the guinea pig for all my attempts.

My dad sent me two jars of peanut butter in a care package for my birthday and I am down to about half a jar. I’m debating making peanut butter cookies but then my PB stock would be back down to zero. I think I need to just start making homemade peanut butter as well.